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We scann objects in house as well as at our customer!

Our scanners

Artec Eva

3D scanning is an efficient method to obtain all necessary digital data for a three-dimensional scale copy of an object or body. For this purpose, we use the handheld device created by Artec. We can scan people and objects from the size of a football. The scanner gathers all the information in full-color so that the color information of the scanned object gets digitalized as well.


Scannable size: we are able to scan people and objects from the size of a football. Partially smaller objects can be identified when
they are scanned together with a larger object.
Application range: e.g. portraits, medicine, product development, fashion and much more.
Precision: 3D accuracy up to 0.1mm
Colors: full-color 3D scanner (color resolution 1.3mp)


Breuckmann SmartScan

The Breuckmann Smart Scan scanner allows high precision and fast scanning (digitize) of objects. The three dimensional data is then available for further processing. For example, it is possible to recognize irregularities in the milling process of CNC manufactured parts. Application areas of the scanner are reverse engineering, quality inspection (scan matching with existing files) and other sectors in the industry.


Scannable size: with this scanner very small parts can be scanned, for example, gears of a clock. Furthermore, even very large objects can be digitized, such as cars or machines.
Application range: Inspections and quality control, reverse engineering, rapid prototyping, documentation and 3D modeling
x,y resolution[┬Ám]: 50
Colors: monochrome, without colors