Digitalization of parts

Digitalization 1 - Bourquin Development & DesignWe are your ideal partner when you need to precisely digitalize parts, models or other items of sort. By using 3D scanning, parts of which there are no CAD blueprints available can be digitalized and saved for further processing.

With our high precision scanner we scan parts and items for companies and private customers. Smaller objects can be scanned in our office, bigger parts can be scanned at your location.

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3D digitalization with high precision

Digitalization 2 - Bourquin Development & DesignWe digitalize your parts and items and prepare the data in order for you to reproduce the parts using 3D printers.

A lot of time and money can be saved by using 3D scanners. Other methods measure the parts by hand and are slow and therefore less precise.

We generate an accurate copy of your parts using the 3D data generated by the scanner and save them as STL files, which can be easly processed by standard STL based software.